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Best-Selling Smart Jump Starter
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Alpha Jump Starter Series

Instant jump starts up to 4000 peak amps with a 99.9%* success rate.


HULKMAN Alpha 85

The Instant Start

Discover Alpha 85: the epitome of performance and dependability. Engineered with a 20000mAh battery and a rubust 2000A peak current, it effortlessly ignites any vehicle.


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Compact, yet Powerful

Experience unparalleled portability and efficiency with our exceptional lightweight and compact jump starter combined with a powerful 20000mAh capacity.

Product Dimension:
9.64*4.05*1.81 IN
Product Weight:
2.57 lbs

Ultra-Safe, Highly Efficient

Built with state-of-the-art safety features, it protects against overcharging and short circuits. 

65W Charge Speed,
5 Minutes Charge to 20%
Low Self-Discharge,
Battery Ready for 18 Months

Alpha Series Smart Jump Starter

Portable safe lithum jump starter with ultra-large battery capacity up to 32,000mAh.
Drive with confidence and peace of mind, powered by the Alpha Series Jump Starter.

Alpha 100

4000A, 12V Jump Starter


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Alpha 85S

2000A, 12V Jump Starter

$249.99    $219.99

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Alpha 85

2000A, 12V Jump Starter

$199.99    $149.99

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Alpha 65

1200A, 12V Jump Starter

$149.99    $109.99

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Sigma Smart Battery Charger

Maximize Your Battery's

Smart for Lead-acid and Lithium Battery



Detect and Repair

One charger for all your device. Multi-voltage, multi-chemistries, multi-device.


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Intelligent and Automatic

Equipped with advanced technology, our smart charger automatically detects and recovers battery sulfation and acid stratification, extending the life of your battery.

12V Super Repair Mode
12V Force Charge Mode

Smart Maintainer

Achieve peace of mind with our charger's automatic transition to maintainer mode, providing continuous battery care day and night. Trust in its reliability and efficiency to keep your vehicle powered and prepared for any journey.

Sigma Series Battery Charger

It is not only a smart battery charger but also a maintainer and desulfator.

Sigma 5

5A Universal Automatic Charger

$89.99    $79.99

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Sigma 1

1A Universal Automatic Charger

$49.99    $39.99

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Alpha Bag

Secure and Safe


Alpha Bag

for Alpha 85/85S


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Alpha Bag Max

for Alpha 100


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Alpha Bagx

for Alpha 65


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What Our Customers Say

John B.


Amazing how much power these little devices have. Used a couple percent to start my stone dead 6.0 GMC Sierra.

Felipe I.


I’m a Amazon driver and we use the hulkman for the past 2 years and no problem jumping the Amazon vans.

Hugh R.


Easy to use. Reliable. Powerful. We use the on our big trucks at work and have been very pleased. So much so that I purchased 2 for my personal vehicles.

Anthony M.


I had occasion to jump my daughter's Chevrolet Suburban. As advertised, the Hulkman Alpha 85 was very easy to attach to the battery and functioned flawlessly. I highly recommend this product to anyone, especially when you unexpectedly need a jump. It's also very compact and easy to carry in the trunk of my motorcycle.

Bill J.


Worked as advertised on a TOTALLY dead battery, on a frigid Chicago winter day. Used the manual override method because car's battery was totallydischarged, after sitting unused, for just shy of 3 months. Buy the best. Get the Hulkman 85.

Essie H.


My hulkman is my new buddy. I no longer have to call roadside service and wait and wait should cold weather kill my battery. Hulkman works like a charm!! I love it. LOL a tow truck driver recommended this to me on a service call I had to make for a jump.


Works with more than 2,000 car models on the market.
Power up even the toughest 12V DC batteries
such as tire inflators and car refrigerators.

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