• What we

    HULKMAN aims to transform how we get around, maximizing driving convenience and making lives better through easy-to-use and ground breaking innovations.

  • What we

    HULKMAN is committed to bringing cutting-edge automotive & energy technology to every driver. We do this by devoting our talents and technologies to creating superior products and services with a focus on our people and by positively impacting local communities.

  • What we

    HULKMAN believes in the power of creativity to move the world. We are relentless in our efforts to deliver innovative Automotive& Energy products and experiences with our customers in our minds.

  • Who we are

    As a pioneer in this industry, HULKMAN was created by a group of ambitious and dedicated entrepreneurs with a vision to redefine the automotive & energy industry. We recruited high experienced talent around the world to create automotive & energy products and services that delight our consumers. Here at HULKMAN, we aspire to deliver only the best and most brilliant innovations.

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